8/4 range trip

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8/4 range trip Empty 8/4 range trip

Post  Progurt on Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:25 pm

I shot extremely well with my S&W 22A target pistol. No complaints at all there:
8/4 range trip 22a10
20 rounds, only 2 missed the black at 25 yards. All the rest were in the 8 ring or better. 2 in the 8 ring, the rest in 9 or 10. And somehow, none in the X...

Also shot my HiPoint 9mm, and it went through 50 rounds extremely well, putting rounds reliably on target and in the black. There's no reason anybody should be without a Hi-Point C9, not at $139 per gun *tops*. I've got no motivation to ever get another semiautomatic handgun.

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