Public Online and In Person Study Group on Lenin's WITBD!

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Public Online and In Person Study Group on Lenin's WITBD!

Post  Art Francisco on Thu Jan 24, 2013 12:24 am

Art and Ben are interested in reading Lenin’s “What is To Be Done?” for the purpose of discussing what light this work, written over a hundred years ago, may shed on the decisive tasks of revolutionaries today. We believe that any activist in the city who may have an interest in WITBD (even if they oppose Lenin) should have the right to participate in a democratic way in this discussion. If it is practical–we would also like to make it possible for comrades in other cities (or who cannot attend in person) to participate by means of the internet or social media.

We intend to make this discussion public while also respecting the needs of security culture, individual privacy and the practical limitations of time. We will (hopefully) soon post more details of how we intend to organize study and discussion. Please post your ideas that might help us make such a discussion useful and productive.

An Online Blog Page has been set-up for the discussion here:
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