Open Network Discussion Group leaflet 4.0: A Better World is Possible

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Open Network Discussion Group leaflet 4.0: A Better World is Possible

Post  Art Francisco on Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:20 am

Hi folks,
Below are the PDF locations for my 4 leaflets on the Occupy movement, and its trajectory.
I know that many activists are too busy with important movement activity to read my
(sometimes lengthy) leaflets. I do hope that, for those of you who are interested in
analysis of some of the more difficult questions, written in a clear and understandable
style, these leaflets may be of value.
Naturally, I am interested in comments, questions or criticism, whether public or private.
(And I hope to have a new blog sometime next month to make it easier for everyone to
participate in public discussion.)
I also hope, soon, to post a summary of the interesting multi-tendency meeting that took
place today, in which 60 activists from a number of cities, including Portland, Oakland,
New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles met in Seattle and discussed their experience
and current projects. This meeting, of necessity, excluded the social-democratic cult-like
groups (ie: the ISO, SA and RCP) because this number of dedicated and experienced
activists would never have been willing to subject themselves to the typical time-wasting
attempts of these hardened social-democratic cults to derail, dominate and manipulate an
open meeting.
All the best,
Ben Seattle
Art Francisco

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